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(rats squeaking) (sighs) tess: nypd! stop! (panting) you take another step and i shoot! turn around. please... okay, you don't understand. turn around! (panting) you need to go. (panting, low growling)
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go! (groaning) no! no! no... okay. it's okay. it's okay; you're gonna be okay. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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this is kpix5 news on the cw. >> breaking news. the bolts on the new bay bridge are snapping. the theory about what is wrong and what caltrans may have to do to fix it. a school field trip goes haywire. the moment an 8-year-old girl was hit by an arrow. >> we knew something wasn't right, how this rescue dog saved a hiker who had been trapped in the mountains for
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days. good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm elizabeth cook. dozens of the giant bolts holding this together has snapped. sue quan is on treasure island right now. sue. >> reporter: we have confirmation that there is a big problem with giant bolts that hold together portions of this span that you can see behind me. a spokesperson says at least 30 bolts have snapped. there are 288 in all. they are also known as rods and they range from 9 to 17 feet long and about 2 1/2 inches in diameter. now engineers say that it is the quality of the steel in question, not a bridge design issue in this case. they were made in the u.s. and some samples show that they contain hydrogen in the metal and that makes metal brittle. now, some questions to be asked tonight. how long will this take to fix? how much will it cost and we should have more answers on
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wednesday when caltrans are expected to divulge more information in a full report and at least discuss the problems as to what they know now. now, this is not expected at this point to impact plans to open the bridge, which is the day after labor day. elizabeth. >> so sue, how did workers discover the problem in the first place? >> well, these are not new. they have been in place for about four years, the rods have, and they were tightening some nuts placed on the ends of these bolts and a third of them snapped. that is when they were first triggered and at this point, we don't know how many, if they are going to replace them all, that's what we are hearing, that caltrans is deciding whether that is going to be necessary or not. >> all right, sue quan, we'll stay on top of this story. definitely more questions than answers. we'll keep you updated on the developments. the new span opens labor day
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weekend. kpix5 is the official broadcast partner for the bay bridge alliance. >> tomorrow the united states supreme court will be hearing arguments over the federal defense of marriage act. that denies same-sex couples the benefits that are given to married and straight couples. but today it was all about california's ban on same-sex marriage. danielle nottingham is outside the supreme court. >> reporter: onlookers cheered as the same-sex couples at the heart of tuesday's case left the supreme court with their lawyers. supporters on both sides of the issue made their presence known. inside court, the justices were equally obvious about their hesitation to make sweeping changes. justice, sonya coat sotomoyer had this. >> we let racial segregation
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for 50 years. from 1988 to 1954. >> justice samuel said the issue of same-sex marriage is newer than cell phones and the internet. >> i think it was first adopted in the netherlands in 2000. so there isn't a lot of data about its effect. >> one of the issues was the children of same-sex couples and how ruling would effect them. conservative issues. >> if you redefine marriage to include same-sex couples, you must permit adoptions by same- sex couples and there is disagreement among sociologists as to what the consequences of raising a child in a single sex family. whether that is harmful to the child or not. >> but potential swing vote, anthony kennedy, said the almost 40,000 children of same- sex parents in california had
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their voices heard. danielle nottingham, cbs news, the supreme court. >> california's roller coaster league battle over same-sex marriage began nine years ago. valentine's weekend, 2004. that's when then, san francisco mayor, gavin newsome announced that city hall was open for couples to marry. >> loving people that care about their spouses as you and i care about ours. they care about entering an institution of faith, love, and constitution. they believe they have the rights under the constitution, due process, equal protection to enter into this institution. >> and dozens of supporters of marriage equality turned out today. san francisco's civic center plaza. those who showed up are asked to wear red. san jose police have released a sketch of the driver who triggered yesterday's amber alert. the woman is 38 to 45 years old, 5'5", 160-pounds with a
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dark complexion and dark hair. police say she stole a jeep with this 11 month old girl inside. her mom left the engine running while she was getting ready to leave for work. officers later found the jeep abandoned at an apartment complex with the girls still inside. mom and daughter were reunited. and oakland police release this video of a suspect wanted for trying to kidnap a nine-year- old girl. the young girl played in front of her home on the 1200 block of 94th avenue. the stranger approached her and began to touch her inappropriately. a family member was able to intervene. the man fled and was last seen jumping into a silver 1990s honda civic. police say he is in his late 20s, 5'8" with a black goatee. >> also tonight, an 8-year-old girl from san rafael is recovering from an arrow wound. juliette goodrich on the class field trip that went haywire. >> this isone of the arrows
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found in the hillside below the lawrence hall of science. the other arrow was lodged in a little girl's leg. she was struck while sitting on the whale structure in front of the lawrence hall of science. she was on a field trip with his third grade class. michael was one of the parent chaperons from the school. >> i guess she was somewhere out there and she fell down. >> 8-year-old girl was taken to children's hospital in oakland. the arrow still in her mid thigh. uc berkeley police scoured the area near the hall of science searching for more arrows and the archer. >> checking certain areas as well as the hillside, some of the homes above, trying to determine the projectly of the arrow. >> police searched neighborhoods directly above the hall of science. some homes with a direct shot of the whale from their deck. visitors today were quite shocked by the police activity
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and what had occurred. >> i was going to park on the other side and they were like, u're can't park here. >> has the person who shot the bow and arrow been captured? >> ease the concerns of future young visitors. >> there's one of the parents that shoots bows and arrows and he said it was a practice tip on the arrow. >> the little girl was in surgery today. parents from her school telling me that she is doing just fine. she will stay the night in the hospital tonight. her parents by her bedside. in berkeley, juliette goodrich, kpix5. >> so far, last word police have not tracked down the archer. they are still talking to people hoping someone saw something. it's the end of an era for the golden gunman gate bridge. in two hours, human poll takers will disappear. it was an emotional day for them. they were hugged as workers finished their final shift. toll collection switches to all electronic just after midnight tonight and if you don't have
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fast track, cameras will record your license plate and you will get a bill in the mail. >> i never thought i would end my career. i've been here since i was 16 years old. i'm now 43. i just recently had my anniversary. >> one other change. the speed limit through the toll plaza will increase from 15 to 25 miles an hour. well, have you noticed there is a real estate feeding frenzy going on. homes are selling faster than ever. carter evans takes a closer look at why california properties are going so quickly. >> justin says she's an ideal home buyer. >> you have good credit, but no one will sell you a home? >> please, take our money. >> justin and her husband have been trying to buy for a year. >> we put in four bids. we have been out bid every single time, even though we ask
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above asking price. >> it's not uncommon to see 100 people at an open house in l.a. double what it was last year, says real estate agent, steven spezano. >> it changed so fast, three months. in november, it was a completely different market. >> nationwide, homes are selling 25% faster than ey were this time last year. and the biggest demand is in california. in los angeles, homes are selling twice as fast as they were last year, averaging 37 days from listing to close. in oakland, properties are only on the market for an average of just two weeks. >> does that surprise you? >> not at all. the last three houses i sold, sold the first day. >> he bought this duplex last week for $600,000 cash. his offer was accepted in two days and after remodeling, he plans to have it back on the market in may. >> what do you think you'll get for it? >> hoping $850,000.
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>> what does it feel like when you get outbid? >> it's heartbreaking. you get attached to a house and you think it's going to be the one. you imagine how you are going to decorate it and then nothing. >> it is record low mortgage rates that are intiesing. but the number of homes is low and that's driving prices up. carter evans, cbs news, los angeles. >> to give you an example, according to, last month there were 64% fewer homes for sale in alameda county than the year before. coming up, the secret service will never be the same. the woman the president just picked to be his top body guard. >> and a new twist in the smart phone war. the sweet deal one bay area city is offering to apple's biggest competitor. >> trapped for days on the california mountain. how a crying dog named mole probably saved the hiker's
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life. kpix5 high definition doppler is dry this everyoning, but three of the next seven days carry a rain chance and one looks like it's going to be a soaker. find out which one it is coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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president obama just pickedo be in charge. a little known fact about pierson: the washington post says she was once a made. now juliette pearson who doesn't need confirmation takes over. pearson joined the secret
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service in 1983 and first worked in the miami field office. she joined the protective detail in 1988 and served there four years. she became chief of staff to the director in 2008. pearson inherits an agency reeling from the sex scandal. agents assigned to protect president obama last april were accused of soliciting prostitutes. this was the president at the time. >> if it turns out that some of the allegations made in the press are confirmed, then of course i'll be angry. >> pearson learned of her historic career hours before the president announced it. doing something considered quite novel. driving a neighborhood crime beat instead of handling youth outreach. cbs news, the white house. >> well little known fact about pearson. the washington post says she was once a character at disney world. >> wow. investigators trying to figure out what started this predawn fire in alameda today. the flames damaged six apartment units in a three story building on park street near san jose avenue. red cross is helping at least six people who were displaced by the fire. no injuries reported. another fire a few hours
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earlier damaged this apartment building in san jose. investigate tossers say the fire started in the kitchen. they blame it on some sort of cooking mishap. the fire displaced four families who live in this complex. >> well, you know the old saying, don't mess with texas. well san jose apparently hasn't heard about it. kpix5 tells us the city is about to offer one tech giant a sweet deal to wue it away. >> we are get everything we didn't get last year. >> there's no question sam sung is on a role. the company raised its profile and its sales with a series of bold commercials that made fun of its rival, apple. >> i moved on. >> now the south koreaen conglomerate is getting a sweet deal from san jose. >> we secured this investment from a highly competitive process. >> the council approved a $7
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million incentive package that allows sam sung to stay in san jose. mayor reid says san jose had to work to keep sam sung from moving to austin, texas. >> sometimes we have to sweeten the pot to close that gap when samsung first came to me, they figured it was a $100 million different cost
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and now - kpix 5 chief meteorologist paul deanno... who would want to move here thinks this is perfect. >> bay area is perfect for many reasons and you know, it's still march. it is not even easter yet and enjoying great weather to get oud. speaking of easter, we have to talk about that. you would think we are 65, what is it going to be? 80 degrees? we'll talk about it coming up first tonight. we have mainly clear skies, a beautiful moon rise. a live look from our rooftop. mid 40s tonight. vallejo down to 46. you'll start your wednesday off at 46. san francisco 48. san jose 47. napa 43 degrees. our microclimate forecast is
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climbing up where you have the chance of showers on thursday. tomorrow will be a pleasant day. slight chance of showers on thursday with a high of 67 degrees. no showers on the radar tonight nor will there be tomorrow, despite the fact the wind direction has not changed at all from yesterday, which was that mainly cloudy with evening showers. we don't have a trigger. there's no wave of low pressure, so we have the on shore flow, chilly at the coast. but there's no real area of low pressure to get things going into rain fall. a slight chance of a shower on thursday, and especially the north bay. let's focus on the weekend. there's an year of low pressure which currently is about 300 miles south of anchorage, alaska. this one though is going to be making a trek from alaska to california. it will get close to us on friday, but the rain will stay away and get warm and humid, setting the stage for easter sunday. that's the day the latest
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computer model information says sunday has a very good chance of being a soaker. especially on easter sunday. a couple showers, then we get wet. enjoy a dry day, liver more 66. san jose 65. beautiful day in the san jose valley. walnut creek, san ramon, all partly sunny tomorrow. richmond you'll hit 65. downtown san francisco 60 degrees. slight chance of showers thursday. we warm it up on friday, then over the weekend we get wet. easter sunday looks more and more like it's a soggy easter sunday. >> we should do it. >> there's always another option. >> there's always a plan b. >> earlier this week, we talked about the system being unpredictable. things can still change, right? >> it will get caught up spue
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the jet stream. anything coming from alaska to california, you have to throw salt on it. we'll be following it. >> don't look hope yet. >> coming up, how an alert rescue dog saved a hiker. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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yeah, they say a dog is a man's best friend and that couldn't be more true for a river side hiker. >> he was so lucky. he was trapped between rocks for days until an alert dog
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discovered him. the dog was hiking with his owner along a mountain trail in river side just east of los angeles. according to the man, he began acting up and pulling him towards some rocks. >> he was justrunning around, running around, and then he started crying. she pulled me over. i said what's going on? she showed me what it was. >> they knew, authorities say the hiker slipped and fell between two boulders. he was stuck for five or six days. he remains hospitalized for severe dehydration and expected to be okay. all thanks to molle. up next, an emotional night for the stanford women. and would anybody find the back of the net and a u.s. qualifier match in mexico? the minute is next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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too... ..think nba, the warriors were off tonight. miami heat were off, too. they haven't lost a game since february 1. >> no one is coming in our house. this is our party, let's go. >> fired up and so was senior, jocelyn. five for five on three pointers. it was all over with michigan and the jump ball. 73-40 on the road to the sweet 16. a's and the indian's 5th inning. a two-run shot to left. the oakland a's go on to win 7-

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